FAPE 2022

This year in the months of May, June, and August 2022, we(Equalcups.org) will resume with the social project First-Aid Public Education in Ghana (Greater Accra). The primary goal is still to spread knowledge about first-aid and make it compulsory in Ghana. Through that many lives can be saved and helped. Equalcups with publically teach, educate, and train people in schools, transport stations, and marketplaces. The project can reach many people in doing so and by targeting schools, we have the possibility to implement and spread the knowledge on first-aid quicker.

For the project to be successful, we will need the help of volunteers and donors! On the official webpage of equalcups, individuals, and institutions. can join us by helping us in the said months with their presence and participation and also through donations for the project.

Website: https://equalcups.org/projects

Visit the website noted above to sign up for the project and to also donate to the project.

by Padmond Jung

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