My Recipe for Greenim

Due to the coronavirus crisis I am sharing a simple but effective receipt with you I have but together and texted on several occasions and it works wonders.

+ immune system booster

+ rich on needed vitamins

+ spicy and tasty flavor(absolutely sugar free)

What you need: (also check the pictures below)

• 3 1/2 cups of water (each cup with one spoon of honey

• 1x full Lemon

• 1x bean of Garlic

• 1x head/arm of Ginger(any amount you like)

• 6x Kiwis (please NOT less than 6pcs)

• 1x Lime (yes one Lime there is a difference between lime and lemon apart from their colors )

• 2x Green Peperoni sticks( kindly not that Peperoni‘s aren’t Chili‘s there is a huge difference not just in the taste!)

• at last you will need a Mixer

Please use honey which is not artificially has been added some flavors to.

Some remarks: 

Please note that this recipe was created by myself(Padmond) and it’s absolutely free to try but at the same time kindly give feedback if used. Because one of my Businesses(PalmWine) is using this recipe.