The Lost Crown

If we were able to be convinced that paper has a higher value than gold, then it’s not surprising, that our sisters have been exchanging their inherited crowns for fictional crowns. Maybe it’s also because they have been misguided, misinformed, mislead just like we the men for years. Maybe it’s because we the men have encourage them on this irritating route. Maybe we haven’t been Kings ourselves to direct our Queens. You may be reading a lot of maybe’s but at the end, those maybe’s are factual.

We used to be kings and queens, what is to note at this point is that, something that used to be doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t „be“ again. –

I remember my grandmother used to wear all kind of different traditional hairstyles. They(grandma and her friends) would often spend hours, on each other’s hair. There was a certain togetherness that came with it, there was this specific atmosphere just like back in the 80’s or the 90’s barbershop’s. For me to make it clear here: the crown of a woman is her hair(natural hair). Once that crown is giving away by replacing it with another or unnatural hair, it loses its power. That power when lost, has a significant effect on the person and not only that, but that effect also affects those in her circle. 

There is a strength that the hair of a black woman carries. That same strength reflects in her daily life, when the crown it’s wore. Just like the queen of England for example displays a different strength, power, authority, attitude, uniqueness and beauty, when she has her crown on, the black woman also displays this attributes(characteristics) with hair natural hair. The different hair styles our ancestors used to display, each had an unique power, strength and beauty.

We don’t need to wear the crowns of European Women, to feel elevated.

Padmond Jung

This article his not written to critique our sisters(queen) but rather my aim is to encourage them to see what they have and unfortunately placed it aside. We the kings need to encourage our queens to take up their crowns again, because without their crowns a specific power that they inherited goes to waste/lost. We don’t need to wear the crowns of European Women, to feel elevated. We need to feel proud of our own crown, and so in the end be able to wear the crown we inherited from our ancestors.

It’s time we take away the blankets/covers we have laid upon the crowns inherited from our forefathers and mothers. We have to encourage our queens to wear their crowns again. We have to be supportive as kings, if we want to strive, then we will need our women to be queens again. This task can only be achieved, if our women take up their crowns again and start being kings again.