The Year of Return

Why we are where we are.

Since like forever we have limited ourselves to just some percentages of our true potentials. The best example is when one looks into our national sports sector, which is just limited to some small sample of sports of the likes of football, boxing, and tracking. Mostly this sector is dominated by football and followed by boxing. These limitations I’m talking about are caused internally because of the desires, expectations, and value we have given to a certain activity compared to others.

These limitations are also caused by our inability to dream as a nation. This same inability is a result while today we are even hosting the Year of Return in Ghana. Four hundred years ago this inability was imposed on you, which has since then often caused limitations on us. Because of this, we somewhere stopped to dream and also stopped to see our true potentials.

Passionately in Limitation

Most children I grew up with or in general living in Ghana are affected by these limitations. It goes to the extent that these children don’t have other dreams than becoming a footballer or boxer. It’s doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing, because once you are passionately involved, it’s always fruitful.

The problem or better the issue is that because of these limitations most children don’t get to be involved. They don’t get involved because if we compare it to other parts, not everybody can become a doctor or a lawyer. This same principle goes for all other sectors. So by limiting ourselves to just two, the full potential of our youth can never be achieved. For us to be able to achieve the full potential of our youth, we need to break these barriers/limitations.

Gute Rahmenbedingungen erschaffen Träume und sind eine riesige Stütze, um die Träume zu realisieren!

Good conditions creates and helps to establish dreams, it becomes a huge support in realization of the dreams.

von Padmond Jung

What is the intention behind the return?!

Sometimes we become stagnant because of the surroundings and conditions we live in. To be able to break out, we sometimes need new views and inputs from others. The Year of Return can be exactly the input needed and also the view needed from outside. Unless The Year of Return doesn’t just become a hyped-up thing, gazed up and nothing significant comes out of it.

That is mostly what happens to good intentions that become trends. Because it is a trend now, some will be going back for some weeks, or months and nothing really comes out of it. Some may see it as an opportunity to take but not to give.

Steve Harvey in Ghana

It could be a turning point.

The Year of Return can really become a turning point for the nation in so many ways. But as always for it to not just become a trend in which people are just following, there are some measurements that need to be put in place.

We need to address the question of “what are the intentions behind the return?!” Because I have seen some worrisome trend going around, that people are only interested in the Year of Return basically because of the festivities happening in December. Many even are just going in December 2019 just because of the parties and the hype build around it(December in Ghana). If we don’t address it properly what the Year of Return really means, we won’t be able to see any significant improvements we seek.

The Year of Return doesn’t just mark the 400 Year of the first slave trade across the transatlantic. It’s an important point to not just look into the past but rather more importantly looking into the future. As such is what we should seek with the Year of Return in Ghana.

The impact it can have.

In the beginning, I was talking about the limitations we have set for ourselves and most importantly for the youth. But I also mentioned that it is possible to break these limitations/barriers we have set. Not everybody can become a doctor or a lawyer. Same as when I look into our sport sector, we just have these two major catalogs(football and boxing). Please at this point, don’t get me wrong, every country has its major sport that the population goes crazy about. But despite that, we shouldn’t be limiting the possibilities for the next generation by just being ignorant about the other possibilities.

Growing up in Ghana, all my friends wanted one way or the other to become football players. We didn’t have the imagination to dream about other sports(possibilities), because we didn’t have anybody who would introduce us to some other activities.

I remember exactly when I receive the chance to get to know other sport, was the time I got enrolled in the RMS Swiss School in Accra. There I received the chance to play basketball for the first time. I started to love it and even at a point became really good at it. So just imagine this possibility for other kids across the country?! Wouldnt that be really huge and impactful? I guess you think the same as me, yes is the answer.

…everything one can imagine is possible.

Albert Einstein

The next step.

Each person that returns with the right attitude and intention, can and will be a great asset to the nation. As I mentioned earlier before, they will be able to help us improve in so many ways because of the similarities to an auditor. They will have a different view on so many issues and matters we are already battling, which will be great and beneficial to us. But again it requires the right attitude and intention from all involved parties.

When I look into our sport sector, for example, they will have a great impact because they won’t be just blind to the two major sports that we have. But they can rather help us implement and introduce other sports, which our youth can benefit greatly from. The principle applies to all other sectors we in Ghana, each one of them can benefit.

It’s our time.

Limitations are set when one’s horizon is limited. Albert Einstein once said that everything one can imagine is possible. Our limitations in the nation are due to the fact that we have limited ourselves and our potentials to the circumstances we find ourselves in. The Year of Return must become more than just a trend that we all just jump on. We have to embrace this potential we have been giving and make good use of all its benefits.

The Impact of The Year of Return